(Served Monday-Friday 11:30am-3:00pm)Served with miso, hot and sour soup, or green salad

General Tso’s Chicken/Beef
Lightly fried boneless chicken breast sautéed w a delicious hot & spicy sauce and broccoli
Sesame Chicken/Beef
Lightly battered chicken breast glazed in sesame salad sauce
Thai Basil Vegetable or Chicken/Beef or Shrimp
Sautéed with chili, garlic, onion, bell pepper, mushroom and sweet Thai basil leaves
Cashew Chicken
Chicken breast sautéed with cashews and bell pepper
General Tso’s Tofu
Lightly battered tofu sautéed with spicy brown sauce
Crispy Pork Sichuan
Pork loin fried to crispy w sichuan spicy sauce
Kung Pao Chicken
Diced chicken breast sautéed w peanuts
Chicken w String Beans
Beef/Shrimp w Broccoli
Chicken Teriyaki
Grilled chicken breast w teriyaki sauce
House Special Entrée (Chef’s special curry)
Veggie Delight
Mixed veggie w tofu in light brown sauce
Panang Curry Chicken
Asian Chicken Sizzling in garlic, onion, ginger sauce
Seafood Chow Mein Hong Kong Style
Shrimp, scallop, crab stick and mussels over a bed of crispy pan-fried egg noodles
Pad Thai w Chicken/Shrimp/Beef
Drunken Noodle w Chicken/Shrimp/Beef
Luncheon Special Fried Rice w Chicken/Shrimp or Both
Sushi Lunch
Assorted raw fish sushi, 5 pieces and 1 California roll
Sashimi Lunch
Assorted raw fish, 6 pieces of sashimi w 1 California Roll
Sushi & Sashimi Combo
3 pcs. Sushi, 4pcs. Sashimi, and 6 pcs California Roll
2 Maki Rolls Lunch
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